Mindful Workplace and Leadership

The well-being of our leaders, managers, and staff are crucial for innovation, positive impact, and collaboration in an ever-more complex world. Leadership and collaboration across organizations and businesses involve responsibility, service, and commitment which can be incredibly fulfilling and empowering, while can also be a source of stress. The applied skills and practices of mindfulness, including mindful leadership, have emerged as a way to enhance and support well-being, emotional intelligence, sustainability, effectiveness, and thriving at work and at home.

Informed by over 15 years of teaching, consulting, and practice in the fields of psychology, mindfulness, workplace wellbeing, and leadership, Consulting Collaborative offers tailored mindfulness programming to organization leaders, managers, and staff. This approach involves live virtual and/or in-person class sessions, integrating guided practices, dialogue, and experiential learning of foundational concepts and frameworks. Learning also involves personal practices and brief reflections that can be done at home and at work between class sessions. This accessible approach invites participants to make changes in their daily lives to enhance their personal and work wellbeing and functioning without over-taxing their already busy lives. 

As mindfulness consultants, we facilitate empirically-supported, tailored mindfulness trainings on foundational, applied mindfulness skills and concepts that have been demonstrated to increase personal stress management, improve and deepen relationships with others (individually and on teams), and support personal and work-related wellbeing and effectiveness. These culturally-relevant trainings and practices infuse a racial justice framework and approach. Participants begin to link these concepts and practices to: greater self-awareness, including recognizing bias, effectively navigating conflict, and aligning one’s behaviors and impact to individual and collective values and mission. 

This includes an opportunity to explore the individual’s and the organization’s expectations and norms, rooted in social context and social identities. This also includes supporting ongoing work of organizations’ racial justice initiatives to bring awareness to, acknowledge, and work to dismantle patterns and norms rooted in dominant culture that are doing harm and are not in alignment with values, aspirations, and mission (e.g., equity, inclusion, trust). 

If you are interested in bringing mindfulness programming (e.g., workshops, courses, retreats, coaching) into your workplace or group, please call or complete the Contact Form to schedule an initial complimentary phone, video, or in-person consultation meeting.