Mindful Leadership Coaching Circle

Drs. Baker and Winston are offering a mindfulness-based leadership coaching group opportunity for leaders who wish to develop and enhance their own mindful leadership practices and approach, as well as to infuse mindfulness in their teams and work culture.

In this confidential setting we will build on skills and practices learned in the mindful leadership class and will offer the opportunity for participants to augment their awareness and insights about themselves in their workplace.

This group is limited to 8 members and will meet weekly for from 30-60 minutes.  Members will benefit from input and expertise of the psychologist leaders as well as other group members.  We anticipate a diverse group of business and organizational leaders. There is an in-person group opportunity for leaders who are in or near Madison, WI and an online/remote group opportunity for leaders who reside outside the geographic area.

Objectives for this coaching circle are:

  1. To continue to develop mindful awareness of one’s own thoughts, emotions, assumptions and strengths and growth areas.
  2. To cultivate an awareness of how these mindfulness can support one’s own work and goals, as well as support teams and staff wellness.

The group will be a nice addition to your Friday as we meet over the lunch hour (11:45-1:15). Cost is $400 for 5 sessions of coaching.  Attendance at all 5 sessions is critical for maximum learning and growth.

Please contact us at to inquire about participation and to schedule your free 10-minute phone consult.