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Fighting Racism: A Vital Component of Wellness
Madison Essentials March/April 2021


Psychologist offers perspective for working parents stressed about school year, Fox 47 News, Aug. 3, 2020, Lisa Baker, PhD

Help for health care workers facing stresses on the job, ABC 27 News, May 21, 2020, Lisa Baker, PhD

Healthcare workers at risk for emotional exhaustion amid COVID-19, NBC 15 News, May 7, 2020, Lisa Baker, PhD

Practicing mindfulness with your kids can help them deal with the stress of the pandemic, Channel 3000, April 26, 2020, Lisa Baker, PhD

Coping with trauma following back-to-back shootings, NBC 15 News, August 5, 2019, Lisa Baker, PhD

Did you experience trauma following the Shake the Lake shooting? Here are tips from a psychologist, Channel 3000, July 2, 2019, Lisa Baker, PhD

 Selected Publications

Handbook of Counseling Women

Breaking Through the Barriers: Psycho-education and Interventions for Sexually Transmitted Infections In Women. By, Hoffman, M. A., Baker, L. M., Ziemer, S.K., & Raque-Bogdan, T. (2016). In M. Kopala & M. Keitel (Eds.), Handbook for counseling women 2nd Edition.  New York:  Sage Publications.

Women and sexually transmitted diseases:  A biopsychosocial perspective.  By, Hoffman, M. A., & Baker, L. M. (2003).  In M. Kopala & M. Keitel (Eds.),Handbook for counseling women.  New York:  Sage Publications.

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Racism, Antisemitism, and the Schism between Blacks and Jews in the United States: A Pilot Intergroup Encounter Program. By, Schlosser,L. Z., Talleyrand, R. M., Lyons, H. Z., & Baker, L. M. (2007). Journal of Multicultural Counseling and Development, 35, 116-128.


Are Crisis Workers Burned Out?: An Examination of Stress, Social Support, and Coping. By, Baker, L.  O’Brien, K. M., & Salahunddi, N. M. (2007). , Journal of Family Violence, 22, 465-Add bloc