How Consulting Collaborative Transforms Teams and Organizations

We are eager to illustrate how Consulting Collaborative can create an opportunity for your organization to evolve and transform. Your goals of systemic change dovetail with our approach, which is process-based. As a team of psychologists and organizational wellbeing and transformation consultants, we know that true and lasting change can only arise from a transformative process that is based on relationship-building, collaboration, and illumination of, often, unspoken cultural norms within an organization.

We provide a space, skills and guidance for your team to become more connected with their own sense of themselves and their place on a team and within the organization. We question the dominant culture-driven assumption that anything worthwhile must come from an outcomes-based promise of clear deliverables. Based on our expertise and experience, transformation comes from connecting with the self, connecting with others, explicitly examining cultural norms and being intentional about changing what is not working.  We can help your organization do this. 

Here are some strategies we use:

  1. Mindfulness practices
  2. Mindful Leadership
  3. Managing (not avoiding!) conflict
  4. Reflective Listening
  5. Helping people manage their anxiety so that they can be fully present and participatory.
  6. Validation of different perspectives
  7. Checking assumptions
  8. Increasing self-awareness
  9. Increasing emotional intelligence
  10. Cultivating empathy
  11. Setting clear boundaries
  12. Using both rational thought and intuitive emotion when decision-making
  13. Utilizing approaches that value and build on diversity, inclusivity and equity. 

Our experience has clarified that your organization will benefit most if:

  1. You communicate clearly to us what precipitated your request for our assistance.
  2. Executive leadership participates.
  3. Staff schedules are protected for the work.
  4. Participants are present for all meetings and for follow-up.
  5. There is follow up to explore what has happened since we worked together, and support maintenance of changes. 
  6. Our engagement with your organization is intensive initially (e.g., weekly) with periodic booster session follow-ups (e.g., monthly or quarterly) to maintain changes.

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