Nola Walker

Nola Walker, MA, Collaborating Consultant & Expert: Nola is an expert facilitator, evaluation consultant, educator, advocate, and sustainability leader.  She is an environmental steward deeply committed to service and has over twenty years of experience in social justice and inclusion work.  Through these broad and deep experiences Nola recognizes that lasting and impactful external and systems change and transformation must begin with the internal ‘self’, the source of all progress from which the world benefits.  Building on her work as a facilitator, over the last several years Nola has taken a deep dive into mindfulness and compassion training. She is currently a collaborating consultant and facilitator working with Consulting Collaborative co-creating, developing, implementing, and evaluating mindfulness programming in organizations deeply committed to social change and innovation. Nola’s mission is to serve and promote sustainable life transformation through inclusive environmental advocacy and initiatives in service to all.

Qualification Highlights:

  • Graduate Certificate Social Innovation and Sustainability Leadership (2016). Edgewood College.
  • Advanced Specialist Graduate Certificate in Evaluation and Assessment (2013). University of Wisconsin-Madison.
  • Masters of Arts, Library and Information Science (2003). University of Wisconsin-Madison.
  • Bachelor of Arts, African American Studies (1991) University of Wisconsin-Madison.
  • Compassion Teacher Training. 2021. Compassion Education Alliance.
  • Compassion Cultivation Training. 2021. Compassion Education Alliance.
  • Facilitating Virtual Collaboration. 2020 The Grove International Consultants.
  • bikablo Basic Visualization Training. 2019. bikablo Global Training.
  • Certified Professional Trainer (48 hr). 2019 UW Continuing Education.
  • Principles of Facilitation (32 hrs). 2018 The Grove International. San Francisco, CA.
  • Generative Scribing (24 hrs). 2018. Kelvy Bird. Toronto, Canada.
  • ToPS Methods Facilitation (24 hrs) 2018. Certification.
  • Graphic Facilitation (8 hrs) 2018. Certification. Technology of Participation (ToPS).
  • Integral Facilitator Certification (40 hrs) 2010. UW-Madison, WI. Journey of Facilitation and Collaboration.
  • Facilitation Leadership Theory and Training (24 hours). UW-Madison. 2013.
  • Indigenous Arts and Science Institute (32 hrs). Earth Partnership. 2019, 2020, 2021
  • Latino Institute: Culturally Competent Environmental Education. Earth Partnership 2017
  • Studied Non-Violent Communication (NVC), or compassionate communication, for over 10 years.